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Crystal Healing Chip Bracelets

Crystal Healing Chip Bracelets

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Pick from our bestselling range. 

2 styles available. 

the anxiety warrior bracelet

Blue lace agate, my comfort blanket for anxiety.
Howlite battles the racing mind and insomnia.
Amazonite soothes emotional trauma.
Opal stabilises mood swings.
Rose Quartz all about the self love. 

The surfer girl 🏄🏼‍♀️

Don’t we always wish sometimes we can be that surfer girl, ruling the waves, at peace with the ocean.

Well I’ve created The Surfer Girl to bring out those energies within you. To lift your spirit and make you feel like the badass surfer girl you really are.

Larimar - known as the stone of Atlantis. Because this bracelet would not be The Surfer Girl without it.

Howlite - chilled laid back and no sign of self loathing with this stone around.

Aquamarine - to help you speak your truth. The surfer girl takes crap from no one.

Opalite - to improve your sense of self worth.


Crystals contain the most beautiful energies, it is important to keep these cleansed. You can place them under a full moon, run some Selenite over them (selenite jewellery is also available) incense, sage and sound are also great cleansers.

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