Septembers whiplash weather

Septembers whiplash weather

September blog


So September isn’t Septembering like it should. That insane heatwave has honestly done me in. As you know, I am an autumn girl. I love the colours, the fashion, the energy. I even love a good horror film so Halloween is top 2 out of my favourite holidays (obvs Christmas being no.1). As we had such a poor weather turnout for the school holidays I had resigned myself to the fact that we weren’t going to have a summer and to start getting excited for autumn. I had even started putting summer clothes away and ordering big cardigans and new uggs. The BAM 💥 that sun was like “I’m sorry I’m late let’s jam it all in a two week period” and now here comes the torrential rain. This weather is giving me whiplash. But I’m all on the cosy vibes, big jumpers, thick socks and comfy all the way. Anyways let’s see what’s inspiring is this month…



Item of the month

The initial ring

I love getting orders for these as gifts for your loved ones. It’s such a cute little piece and I was guided to pick this piece for September. We only use high grade sterling silver, it will always polish back to brand new. Just remember to keep it away from lotions and potions. Oh and please…those jewellery stands are a big NO NO. The jewellery is left out to absorb all chemicals in its environment. It’s always advised to keep jewellery in an air tight bag.





Hair inspo


So in last months blog I spoke about extensions. I’m going for a new look for 2024 but before I have extensions put in I want to grow my natural hair out and play around with it a bit more before going for the plunge of long hair. I’m loving this mid length tousled look. Gone are the 90’s vibes of straight sleek hair stuck to your face and I couldn’t be happier about this. I have an oval shaped face so my hair needs body otherwise I’m left looking a little like toe CGI version of Wednesday Addams 🤦🏼‍♀️.


Outfit inspo


I always find September and October to be tricky months when it comes to styling my outfits. You can wake up to torrential rain and dress warm and cosy, then by the afternoon it’s full on summer heat and you’re left sweating and feeling so uncomfortable. So I tend to go for layers, I go from summer camis to a tshirt vibe with a cardigan. I love this look as I’ve always been so self conscious about my love handles so always like to have a loser fit around that area.



Nail inspo


 Transitioning in to autumn winter with these gorgeous plum and mustard tones. I love a colour mix for my nails as I always like to put a little individual touch to my outfit, accessories and nails.


Beauty product of the month

Tatti lashes


I will gate keep no longer. These are my every single day lashes. I have never been good at applying strip lashes and gave up for years. Then my friend recommended Tatti Lashes, and off my adhd hyperfixation went and I watched YouTube videos on how to apply and made my order. You can order the whole kit that comes with clusters, glue and tweezers. I use the style Mon Cherie for a full effect, you can buy different styles for different looks. YouTube Tatti Invisi Lash Application for the best tips on how to apply. You will never pay for lash extensions again 💯


Book Of The Month

Some fiction this month and I’m hooked. I started this the other day and I love the short chapters. As someone with ADHD I find it hard  to stay focused when it comes to reading. I often have to re-read pages because my minds wondered elsewhere. This is an easy read and I love the sinister feel to it. I’m all about escapism when it comes to reading and this has done the job so far  


Monthly Mantra


 If you only knew the way I speak to myself. I honestly don’t get it, we can give so much love to others but reject it for ourselves. We are all we’ve got right to the very end. We have got ourselves through the darkest days, we have kept one foot in front of the other and overcome so much. Yet we speak to ourselves worse than any enemies we may have had. Change that thought process, so many dear friends of mine struggle with anxiety. The way I hear them speaking about themselves breaks my heart. So I always tell them, every day say 5 positive things about yourself. Do you know how many people actually struggle to say just one positive thing about themselves. So please, if you are struggling, start each day with gratitude. Make a list of things that you har grateful for. Throw in some positive notes about yourself too. Let’s start loving ourselves the way we have thrown love out to other people.


So this months monthly mantra…YOU DECIDE. Make it a personal and positive one. I’m going for “I am smashing it in every aspect of my life”


And on that note I’m going to leave you with our small business shoutout


Small business shoutout

This is a special one as this business is one of my closest friends and she honestly makes the most beautiful unique items. So here she is….


Zen Marti with Neurofabulos_Art


Hey there you lovely people I am Zen.Marti a passionate AuDHD Artist , Crafter and proud owner of NeuroFabulos_Art . as an autistic ADHD Crafter With a specialist qualification in the visual arts i have a unique perspective that shines through my creations my business is a reflection of my passion for art and craft where I put my heart and soul into everything I start to create , art that not only captivates eye but also touches the heart. On my website you’ll discover a treasure trove of my unique creations from stunning jewellery to eye-catching plaques and even whimsical ornaments for home and garden ,  i have a knack for creating a wide range of unique custom pieces I love bringing people visions to life - Being late diagnosed autistic ADHD while running a business can come with its own challenges however I embrace my unique Neurodivergent perspective and it brings fresh ideas and creativity to my craft.


So please do join me on my artistic AuDHD  adventure where I share my creative process on live streams and content creation from TikTok to other platforms I’m everywhere links below - on my website you’ll find a treasure trove of my art to explore and maybe even find something special to call your own I also make customs so please any questions send me a message . The love and support of people means the world to me so thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to read this and support my work hopefully I’ll see you on the live stream or fingers crossed my website basket .

Peace & Love People 🥰


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