The Good the Bad and the Fugly

The Good the Bad and the Fugly

Hello July, my birth month and one of my favourite months of the year. Bring on the heatwaves and day trips to Southend. Last year I ticked another item off my bucket list, I learnt to drive. Ever since passing I’ve made it my mission to make as many memories possible. I might not be able to afford to fly them somewhere hot but I sure know how to find fun things to do in this country. Last year we went camping, went out on a boat, countless trips to the seaside and so much more.


One of my favourite birthdays was a couple of years ago my closest friends threw me a surprise party. Completely out of nowhere, and they did a Mean Girls theme. They even bought me my own Burn Book and we sat filling it up with all our exes. My friends have played such a huge part in mine and my boys lives these last few years. I truly believe that friends are the family you choose.


This year I’m keeping it low key for my birthday, we’ve already been to one festival (which I’m not gonna lie I’m still recovering from) and we have 51st state festival in a couple of weeks. But sometimes, those chilled evenings with friends and a few drinks just hits the spot. I’m so lucky to have the friends that I do, they are my village and are so important to me and my children.


This was us all out on Saturday for my birthday. It was the perfect night, from flower walls to coconut tequilas and lots of laughs. I’m so lucky to have such special friends xx


Jewellery Spotlight


This months feature item has to be The Angelo Bracelet. For our first feature I had to go for the one that means the most to me. This bracelet is named after my godfather, Angelo in Italian translates as Angel. He was the most kindest and caring person. He meant so much to so many and all our lives changed when we heard the news of his passing. So, in his memory, I created a tribute bracelet. The band comes with a mix of Oval Beads and dainty 2mm beads. With an Angel wing charm and his birthstone, I wanted to create something for my customers that would really mean something. Every time I make up an order for the Angelo bracelet I honestly am so touched. I’ve also updated the listing to now include the option for an initial heart charm instead of a birthstone. Adding more personalised touches is what makes this business stand out from the rest.


Hair inspo


I’m always battling with whether to grow my hair long or keep the Bob, then I see pictures like this and instantly I’m calling my bestie for a cut and colour. Personally I love having shorter hair, quick and easy and as I feel I have a long face this style adds volume and creates a more rounded shape for me.


Nail inspo

Going for the blue vibes this month, as a cancerian (water sign) I’m really in to blues. It’s such a calming colour and always reminds me of the ocean. I love how these different shades of blue really compliment each other.


Outfit inspo


Keeping on trend I’m all about festivals over the summer. This rock tee and sequin shorts combo is giving me all the Coachella vibes


Stack of the month

Festival vibes this month and I love to over accessorise. Keep the outfit simple and dress it up with as much bling possible.


Beauty product of the month


Hands down the best setting spray I’ve personally come across. It’s lightweight and doesn’t soak your face and ruin your makeup. This is an ‘all nighter’ and worth every penny.


Book of the month


This is my book for escapism. It’s beautifully written and keeps you gripped til the end. I did start watching the film but I switched off after 20 minutes. Personally the book is just 10000x better. Hollywood can’t replicate your imagination so when it comes to books and films I always go for the book.


Monthly Mantra

Repeat this every day, when you’re out driving, cooking dinner, or even on the toilet. Repeat repeat repeat and I promise you that you will see the results. Mantras are for the subconscious, if you repeat something enough times your subconscious believes that it is your reality.


Small business shoutout

a an

Hi my name is Holly and I’m the maker/creator from Hollyemilydesigns.

I’ve now been running my small craft business for just over 4 and a half years now and it’s certainly been a rollercoaster ride.

I work with clay mostly and a few ceramic baubles from time to time. I mainly make baby and children personalised keepsakes along with personalised clay trinket dishes.

I always had a flare for arts and crafts and just general creating, so when trying to incorporate family life being a mum of two and work, I decided to take the plunge in 2018 and turned to the world of Etsy to start selling my creations.

Four and half years on I now have my own website and an amazing community following through social media.


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