August Blog (let’s pretend it’s not 2 weeks late 🤪)

August Blog (let’s pretend it’s not 2 weeks late 🤪)

Summer holiday madness, and we still have 2 weeks left. (Ok let’s pretend that I posted this blog mid august and forget that we’re already in September 🤪)

How are you all? It’s a hectic time for us here at Wilde but as I always say “to blessed to be stressed”. Talking about quotes, you know how much I love a quote. I came across one recently which I’ve found myself repeating…”you are currently living in your prayer” and it really resonated. Because it’s true, we spend so much time chasing, overcoming and surviving that we never take a moment to STOP! To appreciate how far we have actually come, to recognise that the moment we are in, we were praying for previously. Now you’ll have to excuse all my grammatical errors with these blogs but I just like to write what’s in my heart. Share how I’m feeling and sometimes I might not articulate it in the correct way


Anxiety warrior

Crystals played a massive part in the turning around of my life. I have met the most beautiful souls in the spiritual community and made friends for life. At my lowest I really wanted to make something to give me strength and help me battle through those dark spells , and this is when the Anxiety Warrior Bracelet was born.

Rose Quartz: Increases self worth & self esteem. Helps alleviate grief and attracts love. All round healing energies for body & soul.

Opalite: Stabalises mood swings. Works on courage & confidence. Calms the soul.

Amazonite: A stone of empowerment, deepens compassion for yourself and assists with emotional trauma

Howlite: Calms a racing mind, absorbs anger, inspires patience and relieves stress

Blue Lace Agate: A calming stone & must for those who live with anxiety. Instills joy and soothes anxiety.

Nail inspo

im all about stacking rings at the moment and they look great with a simple set of nails. White is a classic for me that I love using around this time of year, usually when I have a bit of a tan.

Outfit inspo

ok let’s pretend that we’re not currently having the hottest of hot weeks and that weather is weathering how it should be. Im all about the fall vibes, I’m so ready for big cardigans and ultra mini uggs, hoodies and joggers and bring on the overpriced lattes. 

Hair Inspo

I have LOVED having my hair short but after a couple of years I’m ready for a change. When autumn hits I always go for a money piece and root drag, this creates such a beautiful balayage effect and my hairstylist gets it spot on every year. This year I’m going for a change and going to have some extensions put in. Working on my Ibiza 2024 glow up 😂

Beauty product of the month

This month goes to the Charlotte Tilbury Eye Colour Magic Liner Duo - Mesmerising Maroon. I have hazel eyes and I love the tones of this shade. It’s a perfect colour for brown/green eyes and this duo works in so many different looks. I use this for a Smokey look, lining my eye with the darker shade and buffing it out with a brush then adding some shimmer with the metallic shade in the creases. I’m not a beautician so don’t judge me on my terminology


Monthly Mantra

 Never forget how far you’ve come. How many obstacles you have faced and you will continue to face them and overcome them each time. You’ve Got This 💪🏽


Book of the month

 Even the cover alone is a great mantra. Letting go is the best thing you can do for your own self. I ban the word ‘hate’ in our house because I genuinely feel that the emotion is like a poison to your body. Let it go, let yourself be at peace. If someone wants to be mad at you over something and shows no effort to resolve…let them go. Let them poison their bodies with hateful feelings, girl you deserve peace ✌🏽 

 Well that’s it from me for august 😉 I will be back in September for an up to date blog. In the mean time I’d LOVE to hear your feedback on these monthly blogs. Would be nice if I’m actually talking to real people and not just myself 🤪

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